COVID-19 or Corona Virus
Patience and discipline is needed. But how long can a society keep it and afford it?
NDC Mediagroep
Cover illustration
The robots are coming! With fast technological advances comes panic, but is it necessary or do we have to welcome it.
Filosofie Magazine
AAF Toxic hazard
Employees of AAF International have been exposed to toxic fumes for years.
Dagblad van het Noorden
Godly Gamer
We are all a character in a game
Filosofie Magazine
The 70's and up
A essay about the development of the world in the late 20th century
Poster design
Poster I made for the final exam of Christy Luth, soon to be master in classical music!
Christy Luth
Democracy in decay
Is the western way of democracy in decay and what reforms will it take to save it?
Identity crisis
Why identity politics does not solve anything, when there is no definable Dutch Identity.
Twitter king
The ongoing Twitter rants of Donald Trump.